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Falling into darkness: Saix, Isa, Aqua



Aqua jumped at the sound of her door nearly being broken in two, but she politely dropped what she was doing and went to go answer. Her house was all packed up at this point, ready for a move, and currently she was cleaning out her kitchen. She was a little messy when she reached the door, but that had quickly been ignored when she saw both Saix and long lost Isa on her doorstep.

almost instantly she understood what was happening. Her younger brother’s distant gaze said it all, and immediately she was giving both of them a shocked look, as if her own child had been hurt while she was away. The blue bird looked ready to speak, but the words would leave her as she tried her best to hide her urge to break into tears. “Come in,” She finally muttered, as if broken up. She stepped out of the way for the two of them to come inside. She had a hard time both keeping her eyes on Isa as well as keeping them away. She was so heartbroken, she really had no idea how to react.

Something happened while she was away, something she couldn’t prevent and she felt guilty. Why, they were so close to proving time wrong. Why now?  Why couldn’t she do anything about it?

With a harsh gulp, she turned to face both familiar faces. “I have some food in the kitchen, if y-you’re hungry. I… I apologize about all these boxes, I’m in the process of moving to my… to my boyfriends,” she said, still feeling so guilty. Her eyes watered, but still she held back her tears. Once again, she looked ready to say something else but couldn’t.

Saix broke character and actually breathed a sigh of relief when Aqua answered the door.  Immediately a weight lifted from his shoulders.  Confidence that Isa would be safe replaced his lingering doubts.  He could see the conflict and sorrow in the bluebird’s eyes and he knew immediately that Aqua and Isa shared a connection.

At her invite, he hobbled in, motioning for Isa to follow.  ”Thank you Aqua,” he said, keeping his tone business-like but friendly.  ”I do apologize for interrupting you at such an hour but as you can see, young Isa here is in serious need of help.”

He spared a glance around the messy and half packed house.  ”We caught you just in time,” he mused under his breath.  Then, in a louder tone he replied, “I am fine.   I will allow Isa to speak for himself.”  He turned his attention to the young woman and addressed her directly.

"I am hoping you can help.  I found Isa wandering the castle.  I brought him here in hopes of keeping him from Xemnas.  So far no one else from the Organization has come looking for us.  Isa remembers Lea but we do not know where he is.  At this point I know little else I can do."

The woman looked… What would it be? Something akin to surprise, but not quite. Isa gave a sideways glance to his elder Nobody (or would it just be elder self at this point?) and watched him for a moment to see how he was going to respond. Aqua looked terrified, sad, like just seeing Isa made her hurt. Was his current state that horrifying? The only one thus far that did not seem disturbed by it had been Axel. Axel seemed pretty easy going with it, but the moment he came to Saïx, well, the way that went lead to this. Lead to seeing this woman look so close to tears. Isa could see the tears glistening along the rim of her eyes. He wondered if they would start to fall if he chose to speak. So for now he would remain silent. He had never been good at handling such displays and he knew that was not about to change, as much as he wished he could.

Slowly he stepped in after the other, unable to meet those bright blue hues and instead looked around the packed up house. He knew this place, he did not know how many times he had been there, but it had been at least once. Without much thought the fresh Nobody reached a hand up to touch the X on his face and his other hand went to cover the left side of his chest. Which mark had he come to her to help heal? The words were on his lips, but they did not leave his lips. Instead he chose to focus on the packed boxes. She had said she was leaving, she admitted to that – but where was she going? He wondered if he would feel sad, but right then all he felt was an uncomfortable numbness.

Still holding his tongue, Isa slowly let his golden eyes look upon the woman’s form. The word ‘sister’ popped into his mind, though he could not quite remember what it was supposed to mean. His hands lowered from his body and he took a near tentative step towards her. When people were sad, they were embraced by people that cared about the, that much he could string together as he saw those glistening tears. He looked to Saïx as if silently asking him if it was the right thing to do before he moved the rest of the way to try and wrap his arms around the woman. His voice was low, but he finally whispered a simple “I’m sorry.”

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Falling into darkness: Saix, Isa, Aqua


Isa was silent, as always but this time the boy said not a word and Saix had to pause a moment to make certain the boy was following him at all.  Pleased to see his charge remained close, Saix hobbled on, leading the boy to where he knew Aqua resided.  The Diviner was confident she would help.  Aqua was noted for her kindness and willingness to help no matter the circumstance.  Seeing him with a broken leg and Isa in a Nobody state would move her, right?

Saix located her home quickly enough though he was a little tired.  He needed to get off his feet and badly.  Damned broken leg.  What he wouldn’t give to lay Ansem up with a broken limb or two for a few weeks.  He paused in front of her door and looked around, hoping she was home and not off wandering the worlds.  With a frustrated sigh he reached out and pounded on the door.  Impolite but he was tired and felt certain Isa was too.

“This is Aqua’s home,” Saix explained, turning a little so he could face the teenager.  ”Stay close so she can see you.  I am confident that she will help you in any way she can.  And even if she can’t do everything necessary she will have allies to turn to.”  And then Saix could rest easier, knowing Isa was in safe hands.

Something was familiar about the path he was walking with the other. Like he had walked it countless times before but could not remember when or why. He knew something about Aqua, like he knew her, just as he did Lea and the other person from the Garden he could not remember. Was she supposed to be a friend of his? As he walked he tried to remember, but he knew that based on how things have been since he got back, he was not going to remember no matter how hard he tried. He was going to have to actually see the woman before anything would come back. If anything would.

He kept his slow pace to keep up with the man, not wanting him to be falling behind, especially since he did not know where he was going. Isa even went as far to walk slow enough that there was a bit of space between the two. When they reached her home, he stepped a bit closer, obeying the request that Saïx gave. His gaze flickered up to the door. He knew this place indeed. How many times he had been there was beyond him, but maybe when the young woman answered they would have their answer.

“I understand,” he muttered, biting the inside of his cheek. He rolled the meet of his inner-cheek between his teeth and waited. He would be unnerved if he had his heart, but still he felt nothing, and could only stand there with his blank expression. His eyes scanned the house a bit more, looking to see the lights that were on. He tilted his eyahd and tried to catch a look of the young woman that was surely inside, but he did not even get a fleeting glance before he heard the click of the front door unlock.


Taking great comfort in the physical contact provided by the other, Lea didn’t think to consider the way in which he seemed to respond to it weaker than himself, having always known Isa did not strive to gain physical contact in the same way. He was simply grateful to have his best friend returned to his side. Hearing the whisper, the redhead nuzzled into the bluenette once again, his own voice almost as quiet and with an overall tone of pleading. “Don’t go wandering off on your own like that again…okay?” Lea had tried to get Isa to agree to that before, to no avail, nonetheless he hoped the severity of events would would lead him to agree this time. 

Pulling back once again, it was only after a few moments whilst waiting for Isa’s answer that the teen finally took in his boyfriend’s appearance. Having seen the other with golden eyes before, the change almost didn’t register to Lea, however when it did a quiet yet uncontrollable gasp slipped from his lips. Biting into his lip in an attempt to keep further tears at bay, the teen shook his head in denial despite having suspected Isa’s fate for some time. “N-No… You can’t have…”

Something in him hurt. Even though he was told he had no heart, the more he stood there with Lea the more he actually felt like he was missing something. He felt like he was out of his body, watching Lea cling to him as if his life depended on it, his heart aching for the boy with the scarred face. Isa wished there was something he could do, but he could see those puzzle pieces making their way in Lea’s mind. Green caught gold and finally it seemed to click. He knew what this meant, and he did not like it. Unsure of what to do, Isa lifted up a hand and ever so carefully ran it under the redhead’s eye, trying to catch any tears that threatened to fall.

“Do not cry, Lea. It will not solve anything.” that much he did know. But at least when he got to see Lea like this, it meant he still had his heart. It meant that he could still protect the other. He thought that he ought to try that. What else could he do? He had vague memories of wanting to try and help him, to protect him from whatever was taking their hearts. Xehanort… What was who was after them, right? He did not want to bring it up again. Just doing so brought back painful memories and, while he was in shambles he knew that he did not want Lea to directly know. “I’ll be okay… Saïx said if I stay with you, we’ll both be okay.”

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Falling into darkness


Saix pressed his lips together to hold back a sigh.  His patience was thin though it wasn’t Isa’s fault.  The transition was difficult and slow and Isa was alone with no one to help him through that state.  In fact, Saix wondered if he was making it worse by leading the boy around instead trying to help him settle into a state of nothingness.  It didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that he found someone to care for Isa.  Then he could rest, knowing the boy was safe and out of Xehanort’s clutches.  

“I do think it’s helpful,” he replied, his tone a little terse.  ”And I know where she’s staying.  And if she’s not present I’ll simply break in so you can stay inside.  She won’t be pleased but considering the circumstances she’d understand.”  Saix was certain that once she lay eyes on Isa she would take action.  Better to break in and hide him than allow the boy to fall to Xemnas, correct?

Saix turned, heading west towards another line of houses.  ”Come along,” he shouted.  ”The sooner we find you a place to settle down, the better.  And with her keyblade she can protect you.”  Far better than he could with his still healing leg.

While the man in front of him pondered over what he ought to do with the young Nobody, Isa could only stare at the house that was supposed to have Lea inside it. Something was eating at him, telling him that the redhead was not going to be inside. If he was not though, where else could he be? There were only a handful of hideouts they had, and at this late hour he doubted he would be in any of them. If his thoughts were clear he would know that Lea would not let himself just sit by and wait for Isa to come back. The redhead had surely gone looking for Isa by now. Just as one particular other in the Garden would. Even if he could not remember who that other was.

Whatever the case, he needed Lea around, and he had a feeling that the man before him knew that too. Whatever was going on, Lea would be able to help even if it was just his presence. The fact that he could not forget him was all he needed to know and anyone that told him otherwise would be met with a harsh gaze on the Nobody’s behalf. Had he a weapon he would probably attack them but – that was reserved for a certain individual. He looked between Lea’s house, his face falling before he looked back to his elder self. Knowing he had little choice in the matter, he hurried his steps to follow him.

He did not voice his questions about Lea’s home and if they were going to come back there. It sounded as if the elder was putting together his own plan, and given his mental state Isa could only follow blindly. All he could do was hope it was not some sort of trap. Thus far Saïx had been helpful – but how long would it last? The mention of a Keyblade caught a familiar cord for Isa, but again he said nothing. It was easier to just be quiet and let things be explained when they would.

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saix-in-the-moonlight said: [[I’m around. And of course I love Saix. I just don’t know what to do half the time is all.]]

OoM: It’s all right - I don’t know how Saix would respond to finding another version of himself. He tends to not take it too well then goes off to yell at Vexen for making replicas of himself again. 

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